Kalenjin Adornments

Kalenjin Adornments

Adornments kit
Woman's adornment. Kipsikis (Kalenjin), Kenya. No 110. XI.S. Original list: Kipsikis. Earring, bracelet, headress, pendant. Leather, beads, copper, iron, cowerie shells, vegetable fiber, bell metal, leopard claw. Woman ". Set made from thin strips of leather, made up of three distinct elements: a helmet, a necklace and a breastplate. The helmet, in the shape of an openwork dome, is adorned with claws of felines (leopard?). at the front of an openwork visor with brass chains and small multicolored glass beads then at the back of a long cowry tail ending with an iron bell. The breastplate is decorated with cowries and small glass beads It forms an oval pendant towards the front then a rectangle at the rear, both adorned with small multicolored glass beads structured in entangled triangles.The necklace is characterized by two large brass wire discs wound in spirals, which are held in place by two long leather bail rings adorned with small multicolored glass beads arranged in concentric circles, triangles and rectangles. The two discs are connected by long iron chains in the center of esquelles is suspended, by means of copper chains, a leather pendant cut into an elongated rectangle, covered with small multicolored glass beads assembled in rectangles. Form a matrimonial pair with SB.1.125. See "Kipsikis mother of girl in circumcision" by J. Adamson. 1967: 217.
Category: Cap
Material: Leather. Glass beads. Copper. Iron. Cowries. Plant fiber. Leopard claw. Bell metal.
Location: Kenya
Size in Centimeters
Length: 105
Width: 30
Height: 25
Other dim .: W: 25 H: 105 L: 30

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