Kuria Ear Plugs SB.1.119

Kuria Ear Plugs SB.1.119

Earring Labrets 
Labrets. Kuria. Kenya. No 81. XI.N.2. Original list: "Kurya. Earring. Wood, vegetable fiber. Woman, girl". Linked object: SB.1.122 Two pairs of ear labrets, shaped in wood, in the shape of cartridges then incised with tiled patterns which form a combination of diamonds and triangles covering the entire surface of the cylinders. The pieces are joined in pairs by vegetable cord and most likely inserted as is in two enlarged holes in the ear. See "A Kuria girl" and "Kuria dancers on clogs" in A. Fedders, C. Salvadori. 1980: 104.105 "Another decorative feature distinguished the Kuria, and it has also gone out of fashion. This was the enlargement of pierced earlobes. The enlargement of pierced earlobes has been and continues to be practiced by many cultures in Kenya, yet probably none developed it to the extent that the Kuria did. This extent was to stretch the lobes to four or more inches in diameter and then to insert and carry cylindrical pieces of wood weighing as much as eight pounds (A cow was the fine for tearing another's person's lobe ) "(A. Fedders, C. Salvadori. 1980: 107) 
Category (s) Earring 
Material (s) Wood. Vegetable fiber [Wood. Vegetable Fiber] 
Location (s) Kenya 
Centimeter Size (s) 
Length: 6 
Width: 4.5 
Height: 2 
Other dim .: 1/2

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