Maasai Armlet SB.1.60

Maasai Armlet SB.1.60

Bracelets (14/14) [Armlet] 
Bracelets. Maasai. Nandi. Teita. Samburu. No 80. XI.FEU.10. Original list: Original list: "Nandi, Maasai, Njemp. Bracelet, Armlet. Copper, iron, brass. Woman, girl" Set of 14 bracelets in the shape of sleeves, fashioned from iron cables or coiled brass cables and originally worn on the upper arm, so that they can no longer be removed. "When the first telephone lines were stretched across East Africa in the late nineteeth century, a new material for limb decoration was provided. The upper arm, the forarm, and legs of woman, especially in central Kenya among the Kambu, Gikuyu and Nandi would be wound with wire thightly enough to be effectively permanent. This practice was later abandoned in favor of removable ornaments "(Eugene C. Burt. Seattle Art Museum. 1985: 21). "Coiled armlets of brass and iron wire are placed on the lower arm of Rendille women at the time of marriage, and on the upper arm once the first son has been circumcised" (A. Fisher. 1984: 39). See "A Samburu girl" in A. Fedders, C. Salvadori. 1980: 82 See "Samburu woman unable to bear children"; "Teita bride" by J. Adamson. 1967: 349; 330 
Category (s) Bracelet 
Material (s) Iron. Brass. Copper [Iron. Brass. Copper] 
Location (s) Kenya 
Centimeter Size (s) 
Other dim .: Original list: W: 1.2 D: 8.5L: 15 

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