Maasai Snuff Box SB.1.44

Maasai Snuff Box SB.1.44

Snuff Box
Container / Snuffbox. Maasai. Kenya. No 27. XI.E.1. Original list: "Maasai. Snuff box. Leather, beads, copper, buffalo horn. Man, warrior" Small brown portable container made from a section of animal horn (buffalo?) Then fitted with a leather cap and '' a copper grip chain attached to the object by means of copper wire and iron handles. The container has in the central part, an ornamental molding enhanced with a belt of small red and white glass beads, more rarely blue. It is also flanked by two flat glass bead pendants; one light blue, the other orange. Containers of this type, commonly called "snuff box" are very often hunting trophies which may contain snuff, but also other substances (gunpowder, herbs or medicinal powders). "The tocacco leaf (...) is processed for snuff by being dried, crushed, and mixed with fat (and sometimes natron). Implemant for snuff-taking include special nose clips and small containers for carrying the snuff. (... Such containers are worn as ornaments and are treasured possessions "(EC Burt. Seattle Art Museum. 1985: 25).
Category: Snuff Box
Material: Buffalo horn container. Leather hood. Glass bead ornaments. Wire: copper and iron. Chain: iron and copper [Horn buffalo container. Leather cap. Glass beads ornaments. Wires: copper and iron]
Location: Kenya
Dimensions in Centimeters:
Length: 19
Width: 4
Height: 4
Other dim .: Full code list: W: 4 H: 6

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