Rendille Game board SB.1.181

Rendille Game board SB.1.181

Game [Gameboard] 
Board game. Rendille. Kenya. No 101. XII.K.3. Dark wooden tray, monoxyle, characterized by two rows of twelve cells and by a small side, ornamental handle. The tray is accompanied by a storage case made of animal skin which contains pebbles. "It is a gambling game played between two opponents and needs quick thinking (...). Pebbles are thrown in turn into the holes and one has to count several moves ahead to add up the right number for the final throw and outwit one's adversary Here at Laisamis there must have been quite a club of bao players since they found it worth their while to carve the holes into limestone instead of carrying along the wooden blocks which usually serve as a gaming board "(J. Adamson. 1967: 151 ). See "Rendille playing the ancient game of bao" in J. Adamson. 1967: 151. See "From time immemorial the game of bao has dominated leisure activities in East and Central Africa. It is a game of great skill and formalized rituals" in M. Amin. 1981: 151. 
Category (s) Board game 

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