Turkana Wrist Knife SB.1.11

Turkana Wrist Knife SB.1.11

Wrist knife
Wrist knife. Turkana. Kenya. No 79. X.A.19. Original list: "Turkana. Wrist knife. Leather, iron, copper, brass. Man, warrior" Wrist knife made from a circular iron blade inserted in a protective leather sheath and whose outer edge is very sharp , is covered by a second detachable leather sheath, inlaid with copper and brass at its ends. The central ring is reinforced with twisted wire, probably also fulfilling an ornamental function. "An abarait, a wrist knife commonly worn by Pokot, Turkana and Karamojong men. A narrow leather sheath cover the sharp cutting edge during everyday wear; in cattle raids, it may be used to gouge out an opponent's eyes" (A. Fisher. 1984: 62-63). "The wrist knives too are slashing weapons. Their danger is slightly diminished by their visibility and the thin strips of sheathing which have first to be torn from the edge of the blade. When no slashing or cutting they rest on the wrist as innocuous bracelets; shiny, circular, projecting ornaments "(A. Fedders, C. Salvadori. 1977: 65)" The well known arm-ring is a really dangerous weapon. Inserted on the wrist and covered with a thin strip of leather, it may look like and ornament "(Staff Of Consolata Fathers. Turkana: 21)" I witnessed several bloody fights with these knives. They are also very useful for cutting cords or slicing meat and chopping up doum palm nuts "(Donovan. 2005: 101)
Category: Bracelet
Material: Leather. Iron. Brass. Copper.
Location: Kenya
Dimensions in Centimeters:
Length: 14
Width: 12
Height: 1
Other dim .: Original list: W: 1 H: 12.5 L: 14

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