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Guere Mask

Guere Mask

The Guere mask were used in war ceremonies. The red pigment across the face of the mask symbolizes the blood shed in wars and also white pigment is used for the top half of the mask. The mask has two carved horns protruding upwards above the eyes and dowwards below the cheeks. In between the horns there are two small slits for the wearer to see through and also an open mouth filled with aluminium teeth. There are two separate conical shaped wood that are nailed next to the nose that point horizontally along the surface of the mask. The mask is adorned with many conical woods that are tied to the mask with knots of vegetal fibre. There are iron nails hammered at the top of the mask - possibly to charge and awaken the spirits within it. The mask was worn with an elaborate costume made of reeds and was used in dance to excite the gods of war.

Late 19th Century.

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