Tribal Art Muse began with an inspiration for specialising in museum tribal art from Eastern Africa, and now have grown to offer a diverse collection of fine Tribal Art from across the African continent.

Our website is about sharing a fine tribal art collection. The collection has an emphasis on art detail, with a historical and cultural context. We provide a reference of the art piece being used in the old African way of life through black and white photography.

Khan Key brings 11 years of experience and Stephane Brosset brings more than 30 years of knowledge in African Tribal Art. They have collaborated with museums, fairs and private collections of African tribal art worldwide.

Tribal Art Muse have had unique field experiences to acquire an old traditional Rendille house, of Kenya, for a project funded by the Qatar Museum Authority in 2013.

In 2015 they published the first book on traditional East African headrests, Wooden Dreams - most of the headrests from this collection are now in the collection.

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